ATV Riding: While staying at the Slot Canyons Inn you will realize that there is so much to see in the surrounding area, but how will you explore the vast wilderness and cover a lot of ground? Taking ATVs is the answer since they will enable you to travel as quickly as you want along the many trails in the area. You will not have to worry about tired feet from hiking, tired legs from biking, or the max speed of a horse because on an ATV you can comfortably explore as fast or slow as you want. It gets better…riding ATVs is fun for people of all ages and has a very quick learning curve. While trails within the nearby National Parks are closed to ATV riding, several miles of trails have been developed for ATVs in the nearby Dixie National Forest. These trails will lead you through thick forests, open wilderness, or to unique rock formations and incredible lookout points. You will find the terrain impressive with red rock cliffs, and miles of dense forest. Choosing a guided ATV tour will allow you to experience these canyons in a way you never have before. Near the Slot Canyons Bed & Breakfast you will find experienced guides that are natives to the area and can lead you to the little known gems of the Bryce Canyon, and the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument area.

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ATVs are one of the greatest innovations in the outdoors and are gaining popularity as a fun outdoor sport. If you want to cover a lot of ground and quickly climb to the top of the best lookout points, an ATV is a great way to do it without losing your breath. An ATV tour can get you places that you might struggle to reach on foot or horseback, and it can get you there a lot faster. Come rain, shine, or snow, an ATV is the only way to travel through Southern Utah’s back country. From the seat of your ATV you will lookout across the spectacular rock formations, view untouched wildlife, and visit remote destinations that you probably wouldn’t find on your own. No matter which trail you choose in the Escalante area you can’t go wrong. Southern Utah is home to some of the greatest ATV trails in the country, including the Paiute Trail, a 238 mile long ATV trail that has been rated one of the 15 best trails in the country by Dirt Wheels Magazine.