Utah is popular for its natural wonders. From pristine rivers to scenic mountains, our state has a lot to offer to its tourists. If you are a professional photographer or even an amateur one, it’s not very hard to find a photogenic spot. Among one of the most popular spots for photography in Utah is the Escalante River. For those aiming to get that perfect shot of the canyon, it can be quite challenging without getting a little dirty and a bit of hiking, but in the end it is definitely worth it.

The Escalante River is considered to be the “most crooked river in the world”. The river starts all the way up to Lake Powell and goes south to the beautiful Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. With its fantastic views, Escalante River continues to draw various visitors all year-round. If you want to take amazing shots, this is definitely the best place to be.
In exploring the Escalante River, there are different ways you can head out from. For one, you can start out at Spencer Flats. Make sure that you pack appropriately because you’ll need to camp above the river for about two nights.

There is another way to access the Escalante River via the Burr Trail in Boulder, Utah.

Another way is to go to the upper part of the river via Escalante and then head east to Highway 12. Hikers will need to ride a shuttle for easy transportation.
River access is available in various parts of the town. You can park at Pine Creek which is quite close to the river. For better views, go to the Escalante Natural Arch. It is well worth the effort to catch the view here. Drop by the Highway 12 bridge for amazing shots. Through the bridge, you can take a trip from the town all the way to Coyote Gulch and the lake.

The Escalante River has majestic views that are worth the effort you take to get there. For those passionate about photography, not just on hiking, you will find some beautiful shots. Be prepared with all the equipment you need for the trip, especially your camera!