Meet Roscoe our Catahoula cow dog.  Funny that they are the Louisiana state dog, with webbed paws, but they are such great working dogs that you see them gleefully riding in the back of ranchers’ trucks all over Escalante. They are definitely smart, active hounds.

I met puppy Roscoe when our son brought him home after a sad day in the chicken coop.  He is quite handsome and his coloring more like a beagle than his spotted siblings. Adam’s pitch (besides that he was the cutest of the litter) was that he would grow up and guard the coop.

Do you think he has ever spent a night out there?!

Pet Assure says that they are an active, intelligent and adaptable breed and need a fair amount of stimulation to keep occupied. Besides herding and hunting, they are used in law enforcement situations.  I’ve come to call Roscoe our Safety Sentinel.  If we jump in the pond, climb on a ladder, or take the grandkids for a short slow ride in the back of the truck, he comes apart.

One day during breakfast he came into the kitchen with great concerns.  I had great concerns too because he isn’t supposed to be upstairs and a guest’s little boy was frightened. With a little scolding we marched back downstairs where I discovered a dangerous situation.

I’m forever indebted!

Maybe we should have named him Lassie.