When you close your eyes and imagine the perfect wedding, what do you see? The most important people in your life, family, friends, and loved ones, gathered together to celebrate you and your new beginning. With a wave of nerves washing over you, you take that first step down the aisle. You see your loved ones, sitting in folding plastic chairs. While a beautiful arrangement of Canon in D plays, it doesn’t cover the groaning, thumps, and bangs of the air conditioning. A few silk canopies, flowers and an arch fill the empty room, and while they look nice, the room remains cold, impersonal, lifeless. Your perfect day, ruined by an imperfect venue.  

At Slot Canyons Inn, we understand the importance of making your wedding day perfect. We know that a perfect day makes memories that will last a lifetime. From the moment we landed in Escalante, Utah to when construction started on Slot Canyons Inn in 2003, we strive to make a welcoming and memorable stay. Our unique location and property makes Slot Canyons Inn the perfect wedding destination. 

Tucked away in the beautiful hills and mountains of Southern Utah, the Inn and property is outside of Escalante, Utah. Only a quarter of a mile off of Highway 12, Slot Canyons Inn is surrounded by natural beauty. We’re a short drive from Bryce Canyon National Park and an even short drive to some lesser known beauties like Kodachrome Basin. Besides these natural gems that surround the property, the Inn has a variety of locations that would make for perfect pictures or ceremony locations. Following through our property is the Escalante River. This magnificent river brings creeks, ponds, and even a waterfall that are all accessible from the Inn. And hidden up in our cliffs, are Native American ruins that are one of the oldest in the Colorado Plateau, dating all the way back to 9,000 B.C.E. 

Besides the amazingly unique scenery, Slot Canyons Inn is also a logical choice for a wedding. It can be a nightmare trying to figure out where the grandmas, cousins, and friends are going to stay. They traveled out for your special day, but finding lodging for dozens of people is stressful! At Slot Canyons, we take that problem off your plate so you don’t have to worry about that. Our property hosts two wonderful accommodations options. We have the Inn and the Riddle Cabin and between these two charming properties, we can accommodate up to 80 guests. And in the off chance that you have an even bigger wedding party, the city of Escalante is only 5 miles away from the property and can help with those extra big groups. Right next to the Inn we have our North Creek Grill. We can cater for events, both large and small (up to 250 people), and we can also provide a parking and shuttle service for events. 

Next time you or a loved one has a wedding plan, look for something new, and off the beaten path. Slot Canyons Inn can provide you with that once-in-a-lifetime experience that you and your loved ones will remember for years to come.