Things To Do In/Near Boulder Utah

Boulder Utah is a small town that is located 48 minutes from Slot Canyons Inn. It’s a pretty unique place with some really fun and interesting activities to do with your kids if you find yourself in that area. We have compiled a list of 6 things to do while in or near Boulder Utah.

Welcome sign - Boulder, Utah
Photo Credit: Dan Deamer on flickr

1. Devil’s Garden

If the name doesn’t capture your attention then maybe the description will. Devil’s Garden is located within Arches National Park. The scenery here is unique and stunning all in its own way. With several arches being scene from the trail this make a fun and interesting hike for the whole family with a lot of exploration that can be done.

2. Burr Trail

Burr Trail will take you from Scenic Highway 12 all the way to both Capitol Reef National Park in the north and Bullfrog in Glen Canyon to the south. The first portion of the trail to Capitol reef is paved for about 30 miles, and the rest is dirt road that takes you through some amazing and stunning scenery with several canyons that you can stop at to hike and explore.

3. Anasazi State Park & Museum

This is one that the kids will probably enjoy most with being able to learn about and explore and ancient native village that ages back to about 1160 A.D. and possibly housed up to 200 people. The park includes a museum where you can view ancient artifacts from that time era. There are more than 100 remains of the village here and some have been structured to where you and your loved ones can even go in and explore.

4. Escalante Petrified Forest

This is a really cool park that surrounds a lake with hikes that take you to hilltops covered in petrified wood with spectacular views. The park offers tons of fun water sports and fishing at Wide Hollow Reservoir. This is a fun place for the entire family to enjoy.

5. Utah Canyons

Located near Escalante Petrified Forrest, Utah Canyons is seriously meant for the true canyoneers. The landscape of these canyons is what is absolutely breathtaking. Such unique rock formations and slot canyons. This is definitely a place for the serious adventurers.

6. Escalante National Monument

And of course everyone in the area should experience the Escalante National Monument. This is a huge area of beautiful rock formations and slot canyons and more that is extremely exciting to explore, camp, fish and more! You can’t miss out on this experience!

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