Top Destination Wedding in Southern Utah

Looking for that perfect destination wedding with a backdrop fit for your special day? Look no further than Slot Canyons Inn.

Located 5 miles outside of Escalante Utah, is a truly unique 160 acre family owned property call the Slot Canyons Inn. The property around the Inn is a paradise of cliffs, creeks, canyons, waterfalls, pastures, and the old archaeological site on the Colorado Plateau. In addition to the Slot Canyons Inn, the property also includes the Escalante Cliff House, the Birch Creek House and the Isaac Riddle cabin vacation rentals.

Wedding venue possibilities

As a wedding venue, the property is very unique in its flexibility. Most venues work well for a particular size of wedding due to size constraints. Given the spacing of the buildings and variety of outdoor areas around the property, anything from a 12 person wedding on the Escalante Cliff House roof deck to a 300 person wedding complete with a tent and dance floor set up in the pasture. The buildings are close enough for there to be a small wedding at one and normal guests at another, or for the entire property to be rented out allowing guests to take short walks or drives between the buildings.

What’s new?

While the property has seen many weddings in the past, several upgrades are taking place so that it can better serve as a wedding venue. The North Creek Grill, located behind the Inn, is undergoing renovations to make it capable of catering meals for up to 150 guests. The Birch Creek House was recently added to the property which adds room for another 12 guests to stay in a modern house steps away from the Birch Creek.

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